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8 Rockwell

Rockwell has been known over the years as a quality provider of more than just homes, but also lifestyle. With twenty years worth of experience in residential real estate, Rockwell Land is now transposing its expertise and knowledge to office spaces.

This exciting expansion opens up a kaleidoscope of opportunities within the Center's 15.5-hectare area. Along with the existing mixed-used developments, Rockwell Land will now be including a premier office tower that will house only the finest professionals from top corporations and industries.

Presenting, 8 Rockwell, situated in the heart of the Rockwell Center. Just a stone-throw away from the iconic Power Plant mall, the tower’s tenants may enjoy the benefits and convenience of retail selections ranging from dining and apparel, to posh salons, and a gourmet marketplace. The mix of residential, retail and office spaces create a lifestyle embodied in luxury, convenience and choice that only Rockwell can provide.

Lease a floor for your business! Experience luxury and convenience with the Rockwell address and enjoy elevated business and lifestyle! 

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